Monday, July 27, 2009

Leon in Korea

While traveling I was pretty tired and wishing I wasn't leaving the students in Central Asia, so I wasn’t really up for looking around to see if I could help anyone. It was tempting to think, "I'm traveling to begin ministry somewhere else. Why should I look to go out of my way to share the kingdom of God in transition?" Even so, I still prayed that if someone needed me, God would put them in my path and the Holy Spirit would help me share the kingdom of God with them .

When the plane landed in Seoul, Korea I noticed another guy who looked like he was from Europe (the only one). I was already making conversation with some Korean guys I had met on the plane (in English of course : ), but as we made our way to customs I felt that I should introduce myself.

The Korean guys gave me their information and went ahead. I said hello and began making small-talk. It turned out that he was from Holland, had a business in Central Asia, and was visiting a friend in Korea and might be here for some time. His name was Leon.

Our flight was four hours late making our arrival around 1:30am. Because of the time his friend wasn’t able to pick him up, which meant that he had no where to go, no phone, and everything was closed down. Here was God's answer.

I went through customs with him and in the end he joined me and slept in the room my host had prepared for me. During our time together he shared with me about his life and I was able to share about my life and what living for the kingdom of God meant to me.

Today I said goodbye as he went on his way to find his friend. We exchanged information so I hope to see him more while I’m here.

For the next week I’ll be helping with an English camp and then see what else is in the Plan.

"Asked to Leave"

I’m sad to have to leave Central Asia.

Basically I was going to help prepare for English classes for the next college semester and prepare to even help teach some at the University. Unfortunately, within a few days the government asked the professor who I was going to assist to leave because they became suspicious about his connections with a large organization outside of the country, OMS International.

In this country there is so much need/desire to keep control of everyone and everything so foreigners are watched all the time (phones and internet are even watched, among other things).

At first, I was still allowed to stay at the University, but a week later, the day after the riot started, I was also asked to leave.

SO, within the past three weeks a lot has happened. I met some of the students and teachers who have met Jesus and began to spend a decent amount of time with a few of them (as well as making friends with other students who could be open to the Way). I love sharing the kingdom of God with others. I was so encouraged by the students’ generosity and hospitality. During my time there I was able to encourage them as they would be losing their spiritual leader, the professor, within a few weeks. He had been working there for 7 years.

I was able to challenge the students toward taking initiative like their professor had in sharing the kingdom of God with others (love, hospitality, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, generosity, faithfulness, purity, self-control…), not to be afraid, but to give their days to the Holy Spirit who is our Guide and Teacher and Helper, and will give us the ability to do all things in Jesus’ name.

Anyway, I plan on keeping in touch with them and see how they are doing when they have internet returned to the province – perhaps in October.