Monday, May 10, 2010

poetic language

I'm sick of poetic language used to make things look more beautiful or cool than what they really are, drawing crowds of people who, when it comes down to it, don't understand it except that it's cool and that's why they're getting involved, putting on t-shirts and saying "I'm part of something that matters." But their hearts aren't in it in love, but in fad. [Maybe just to get something out of it for themselves.] When it comes down to sacrifice they disappear with their words.

When so many people say, "I want to change the world" sometimes I wonder what they mean and where there feet will go, or how far. So I turn to God and ask for help. I ask Him to do what's good and to use me for His plan. Because men cannot save the world. Men cannot save men from death and the foolishness of society driven by materialism saying, "We'll end poverty." I say, No you won't." I say, "Check your heart and see the hole that cannot be filled by great deeds." Start getting to know great Love, a Love with arms that can hold the world, that can hold all people, that can end poverty and will one day.

Speak with Love and see what He says. See what he says, and do it. Stop following your own exciting or safe plan and seek out His. Your eyes cannot see as His. There's hope in Him, adventure in Him, safety in Him, love in Him. You would know that if you met Him. You would know that if only you knew what Jesus said, and you chose to believe him.

Everyone must face this truth; that you and your organization will end one day.
His won't. The one that Jesus established will not end. We do not have to be afraid or burdened.

His kingdom, government, society, community will last forever...into a beautiful eternity.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


A lot of times I'll use the word random to express that something simply happened unexpectedly. A week ago I had two different people say to me, after I used that word, that nothing was random. These people made me actually ponder randomness more and how much of our future is simply going to happen...

I thought about how I have dreams I remember, maybe tell a friend about, and eventually forget. Then some of those dreams actually happen sometimes a few months later. Sometimes a year later. I never thought about this before, but...what does this say about the future?

I had a friend of mine say that she has that happen to her too, except dreams about the spiritual realm, and that she thinks that God shows us glimpses of the future sometimes. As of now, I think that's a good answer. But still, I hadn't really thought about these dreams in relation to my idea of time and the so-called "unforeseen" future.

Some people say that God works in time with us. Well, He must know what’s going to happen in the future if He gives us dreams and prophecies of what’s going to happen.

And then there are those who use “spirits” to tell the future, and they’re not always wrong. And these "spirits" have been known to be "evil". So what does that mean? If evil spirits can see into the future, then why shouldn’t God?