Monday, May 18, 2009


I have seen and learned a lot since I've been here in Kolkata, and I'm not sure what to write.

My heart is unsure of what can be understood unless a person were to enter me and feel what I have felt, see what I have seen, touch what I have touched, and set foot where my feet have been...

My time here has been very many ways.

One of my favorite things to do (and this is a very simple thing) is riding in an auto rickshaw down the road, buzzing through and around traffic like a little fish watching everything around me as it passes by with the Indian dance music blaring from the speakers behind me.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Few Days Prior

Today I pondered India. At the moment I feel like it’s so far away, but it’s just around the corner. It’s like a dream. I can’t imagine it. The place is so completely opposite from here. I need prayer for the transition, even though I’ll be with one of my best friends for the first couple weeks.

I may go to the Home for the Dying during the first couple weeks as I familiarize myself with the city.