Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My heart is found in the Creator’s arms resting in the place of perfect peace. No need for shadows to stand for me to hide. [I am hidden under the the wings of my Creator.] No need for great walls to be built to protect my body. Resting in deep breaths and a quiet whisper. No need to speak…

Let go of the fixing in your fingers. Let me fix what’s in the places of your heart. Simply do what I say. Drink deep in each day. Drink in deep the air you breathe. Don’t let time steal from you. In rest and peace you will always find greater life and greater joy.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mexico City in the Rain (first few days)

"In Mexico City there are pictures and words staring at everyone passing by asking for attention (graffiti). Though there are bright colors that stand out, dirt seems to rest on nearly everything making it look older and more used. As of late cold has made its home among us in the streets and in our rooms. The only place I can really escape it is in my sleeping bag. Rain turns black and brown in the road. It bangs against the roof and the door asking to come in. People don’t stare as much as I thought they would, being foreigners, but they do stare. Those whom I’ve met have been very welcoming. Old VW beetles roam the streets, most of them taxis. Buses constantly pass, a man standing at the door telling people it’s destination."

These were only the first few days. Mexico City was much nicer than what I had anticipated...when it was sunny, which was most of the time.

The people are passionate, as I remembered from my childhood playing soccer with Mexicans until I was in 7th grade. They're vibrant, the people and the culture and the houses.